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          Garment Care

Before I was a designer I was a fashion agent, and before this I was an excellent shopper with all this “fashion experience” under my belt I know a lot about how to care and look after your investment pieces

The biggest mistake we make is over washing our clothes. I really believe unless there is a real reason to wash items then don’t. Smells and stains, yes perfectly acceptable reason for washing, worn twice is not a valid reason. I often get asked in the store how to care for our clothes and most often I will suggest a wear and an air regime. Fresh air helps everything. So here is a list of things to do to look after your favourites…RT or not.

1.Wear and air and only clean if necessary. Hanging in a well ventilated even breezy space for a day is recommended.

2.Follow the washing instructions. All garments are meant to by law labelled with instructions. Most of our styles are cold water wash. All our threads are colour fast but water temperature is critical.

3.Spot cleaning as opposed to full wash. We suggest a towel between front and back of fabrics targeting issue spot first before a full garment wash. Making sure the spot being cleaned does not seep through from one side to the other.

4.Baby wipes aren’t just for baby bottoms. Most helpful in removing makeup around necklines and some basic stains. Its our first port of call with our cotton dresses and caftans within the store.

5.Find a good dry-cleaner. It’s worth travelling if they look after your favourite pieces. Just like my hairdresser I’ve followed my dry-cleaner over 18 years. I LOVE my dry-cleaner and recommend him daily in store.

6.Move fast. Remove any stains as quickly as possible. Soak up, pat and start the cold water dabbing process ASAP.

7.Depending on the fabric depends on the care of the instruction. Ask yourself –How do you store it, hang or fold flat. Does it stretch or is its shape important to stay intact? Is it seriously creased or just in need of a blast of steam. Many fabrics can be freshened up whilst in the shower. Place item in a dry area of bathroom hanging and allow the steam vapor of a shower to help crinkles naturally fall out.

8.Hand water washing. We advise starting with lightest colours first. Washing each item one by one and separately. Regularly change water if there is any colour running. Did you know that turquoise and red are the hardest colours to set in dying? So never wash these colours with any light shade garments.

9.The local Indian pressers/ironing people have taught me a lot about ironing cottons. They always have a bowl or spray of cold water by their hot irons. Add water to the area to be ironed to help the iron glide and get a super clean crisp finish to the fabric.

10.Garments do have a certain time span. Here at Rebecca Thompson we try to make items that are timeless and stylish as opposed to fashion pieces. We use the highest grade and weave of fabrics and sometimes investing in an item is not only a) better for the planet b) a better investment long term c) can also be rebirthed/reused by either shortening or making changes. Think dress into top or using your favourite dresses beautiful beading as an applique on another item like the back of your denim jacket.