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          Freshen Up Your Look With New Ways To Wear Your Wardrobe Favourites

Ideas on how to use your already existing wardrobe favourites in a new fresh way that maybe you’d never considered.

I hear daily in store, “Oh I would never have paired those together” so this blog is about using some of your favourites from your wardrobe with some of my new designs and wearing them in different ways.

Everyone should have at least a few of these staples (if not all of them) in their wardrobe:

  • Black ankle boots (I have had mine for 3 years plus)
  • Knee high boots (I have had mine for 7 years plus)
  • Red lipstick (a staple in my makeup bag)
  • Sunglasses (everyone owns them, right?)
  • White shirt (a must have)
  • Black leather jacket (great winter staple)

Ways to wear them – how to mix it up to look fabulous

  1. Add a tunic (GR1177 TUNIC) to a pair of knee high boots. Not keen on your legs? Either add opaques, a legging or skinny black jean.

Love your legs?  Add a black slip, thermal singlet and in chillier climates, add a white shirt layered underneath for a pinafore concept and top with a longer line jacket. Think Chrissie Amphlett.

  1. Take a more cocktail / party style dress (Dolci Dress) and add leather: bomber jacket in this case and ankle boots. This concept instantly makes the look cool, modern and more Friday night than Saturday wedding guest outfit. Red lippy and sunglasses complete the picture. This look can also be adopted to a favourite transeasonal cotton embroidered dress (Bon Voyage Dress) and yes navy and black do work!

  1. White shirts can be worn many ways. Here we have gone for a neat full tuck in, but with this skirt you could tuck, knot, mullet it - front in back out, layer with a singlet underneath and wear undone and open jacket style. Boots, any colour most often work with a maxi, skirt or dress. For day, add sunglasses and a headscarf; evenings add a theatrical dark lippy and a sleek pony.


  1. Favourite jeans worn with your favourite ankle boots. That’s two wardrobe favs in one look. Jeans can always be made modern by cuffing the bottoms too. Getting the placement and length of the cuff right though is the trick. Usually best to have just sitting off the top of the ankle boots unless you have fabulous long legs then shorter is fine


For casual, every day, add a loose top (Zig Zag Blouse). For evenings, add a white loose, longer shirt and bomber jacket (Quartz Bomber). For a girls night out, add Chanel New York Apple red lippy and our exclusive Pink Bomber. Worn done up and as a sheer blouse as opposed to a jacket. These bombers look fabulous worn on the shoulders as a cape at night too.

Most wardrobe items can be worn with new and old pieces. Play and try things on at home; sometimes you have success and can create a whole new look without needing a whole new wardrobe. Confidence is key. Try it, like it, then wear it with pride.