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          Rebecca Thompson Winter 2015: Agate

As a designer, much of my inspiration is drawn from colour and embellishment. Both of these mediums serve as the basis for what forms the Rebecca Thompson label, and have become two of the ways that my customers recognize a signature Rebecca Thompson piece.

My Winter 2015 collection is titled Agate, and brings with it a plethora of jewel tones, neutral basics and colour-graded shift dresses. Silhouettes have always been a very important part of the Rebecca Thompson label. It’s important to me that the women who wear my designs feel confident and beautiful, which is why I am forever researching materials, fabrics and textures that will flatter the female form.

Inspired by the minerals and semi precious stones of the earth, Agate promises to be one of my favourite collections yet. Elegant, bold and feminine, the sheer detailing and tailored shapes come to life with graphic prints and hand-crafted embroidery. Easy to wear, versatile and transitional, Agate can be manipulated to suit your everyday style whether you’re headed out on the town or to a busy lunch meeting with high command. One thing I constantly strive for with each of my collections is that each piece can become an extension of the woman who wears it, ensuring she takes on the day with confidence and excitement.

To describe the Rebecca Thompson Winter 2015 woman, I would say she has a purpose. She finds true enjoyment in the creation of a beautiful outfit and takes pride in being noticed for her attention to detail. She is confident, loyal and appreciates the finer things in life. She isn’t afraid to try something new, and sees true beauty from the inside out.

Her ultimate staple outfit? A signature Rebecca Thompson dress. Timeless and bold, just like herself.